Teachers Appreciation Guild (TAG)

Our Mission 

To show appreciation for teachers in a concerted effort to help keep them from quitting, by offering the education industry:

• Inspired actions

• Incentive writing

• Motivational speaking

• Electrifying truth

• Galvanizing positivity

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Our Vision

To see our mission come forth for teachers

 all over the world

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What We Believe

  • We believe God has a plan for teachers
  • We believe this plan includes prosperity, hope, help and a brighter future
  • We believe this plan will only take place if Jesus is a part of it
  • We believe teachers are very valuable to our world
  • We believe teachers should be protected

  • We believe that Jesus is a way-maker
  • We believe that Jesus is a positive-change agent
  • We believe Jesus left us a good pattern to follow
  • We believe wherever Jesus is there will be positive changes
  • We believe Jesus is the vine and away from it, you will not bear good fruit